How to resolve wrong numbers through School Messenger/Aspen

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  1. Grab as much information from the caller as possible;
  • the phone number receiving the calls (required)
  • student name (if known)
  • school name (if known)
  • estimated date/time of the last call
  1. Before hanging up with the caller, explain that It may take 24 hours for the number to be completely removed from the system.
  2. Login to School Messenger (
  3. Click the System tab
  4. Click the Contacts sub tab.
  5. Check "Search by Person"
  6. Enter the phone number in the search box.
  7. In the results, note the student name and school in the results. There may be multiple students listed if the contact has multiple children.
  8. The phone number must be removed from the SIS in order for SchoolMessenger to receive the updated contact information. The SIS syncs to SchoolMessenger every night around 6PM, which is why it may take a day or two for the number to be fully removed.
There are two types of phone numbers in the SIS; a home phone for a student and additional phone numbers for their contacts. It’s important that you check both places because phone numbers can be listed multiple times for a student. For example, parents may share a cell phone number so it’s important that the school removes the number from both parents.
If this does not work, you may proceed to the blocked calls instructions.

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