How to run the Grade Point Averages (GPA) Report/Procedure

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Grade Point Averages (GPA) Report and Procedure

Who should run the report?

Typically running the GPA report is accessible to school-level users with the Grading Manager role. There are usually just one or two users with this access per school.

Running the Report

When running the GPA Report you have the options of recalculating or, if not recalculating, display the results of the last time the GPA was calculated. You also have the option to Update Student Fields. This will post the selected GPA result to specific fields on the Student table.

To run the Grade Point Averages Report

From the School View in Aspen (

  1. Click on the Grades top tab
  2. Click on the GPA side tab
  3. Click on the Reports menu
  4. Select the Grade Point Averages report

  1. Enter/select report options (see below for more information on report options)
  1. Click Run

UPDATING STUDENT FIELDS: It is recommended to run the report without selecting to Update Student fields first and check results before running the report selecting to Update Student fields. Updating the Student table is usually done 2-3 times per year at set dates.

Report Options



School year

Click  and select the school year you want to calculate GPAs for.


Click  and select the GPA definition you want to use to calculate GPA.

Additional Information on the GPA Definitions and Reports


Click  and select the term as of which you want to print GPAs.


Select this checkbox if you want to recalculate GPAs.

If you do not select this checkbox, the system displays the results from the last time you ran the report, as they appear when you click Results on the GPA side-tab.

Post Current Year Only

Select this checkbox if you want to calculate GPAs for the current year only.

Update GPA only

Select this checkbox if you want to calculate student grade point averages, but not the school rank.

If you do not select this checkbox, Aspen calculates the grade point average and the school rank.

Update Student Fields

We suggest running the report one time without selecting the Update Student Fields checkbox. Make sure you are happy with the results, as the updates are permanent. If you are satisfied, run the report again with this checkbox selected.

YOG (Leave Empty for  All)

Type the year of graduation you want to calculate GPAs for. If you want to run GPA for all grade levels, leave this field blank.

Rank By

Do one of the following to determine how you want the system to rank students:

  • Select Grade Point Average to rank students by GPA.
  • Select Total Points to rank students by the total number of grade points they receive.

Active students only

Select this checkbox if you want to include active students only. Otherwise, leave this checkbox blank.

Sort results by

Select one of the following to determine how you want to sort the results:

  • Name
  • Rank


Select a report format.

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