How to Take Attendance during Remote Learning (Grades K0-5)

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Taking Attendance in Aspen during Remote Learning

All teachers are expected to record attendance for students on a weekly basis in the Aspen attendance module. Engagement will need to be tracked for every day of the week and all attendance for the week should be recorded by 11:00 am on Friday. Teachers can choose to enter attendance every day, or once at the end of the week. Students will default to being marked as present, as is the case during the school year.

To enter Daily Participation Attendance

  1. Login to the Staff view in Aspen (
  2. Click on the Attendance top tab
  3. Click on the Daily side tab
  4. Enter the appropriate attendance code for each student
  5. Click Post when done
You will see a message above the date with the date and time attendance was posted: Class attendance posted on 4/27/2020 3:37 PM

What code should I use?

  • A - Student is absent from scheduled learning activities on this day.
  • NoCont - The teacher has been unable to make any contact with the student during this time. Students with consecutive "No Contact" codes in all of their classes will be flagged for a safety/wellness check so it is important to only use this code when you are unable to make contact with the student/family.
Students are assumed Present: Student has engaged in some or all remote learning opportunities, as directed by the teacher. Note: engagement during remote learning includes synchronous engagement, asynchronous engagement, submission of assignments and responding to teacher feedback.

What if all students participated?

You must still Post attendance. Click on the Post button to post the attendance.

What if I click on the wrong code?

If you select the wrong code, click on the P code. You will receive a popup message confirming the change

There should only be one code selected per day, per student. If you accidentally enter multiple codes, click on the P to remove the codes. Reenter the correct attendance.

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