A Guide to Youtube SafeSearch

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How to get started approving/blocking Youtube videos

Youtube SafeSearch is a new way of keeping our students safe while on Youtube without impacting a teacher's ability to use Youtube in their lessons. This system will provide a much higher level of filtering for students so, by default, they are only viewing content that Youtube has determined to be safe, educational, or instructional. Please note that Youtube uses algorithms and the filtering rules for Youtube should never be considered a full replacement for adult supervision. If a teacher would like to unblock or block a video, they have a new button below each Youtube video that they can use to change the permissions. Please note that blocking/unblocking videos is not limited to your students so we ask that you are mindful of unblocking videos that may be appropriate for older students but not for younger students.

1. Make sure your browser is signed into your BPS Google Account:
  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the top right, click the button with your name or People .
  3. Click Sign in to Chrome.
  4. Sign in with your Google Account.
  5. When you are on Youtube, you will see your BPS icon in the upper right and you will now see a blue banner below each video.
All Youtube videos are approved for staff use; this process is only used for blocking/unblocking videos for students.

2. How to UNBLOCK/BLOCK a single Youtube video

Below every Youtube video is a blue banner with an approve/remove button. If the banner says that the video is not approved for use, simply click the APPROVE button to allow students to view the video. To block the video, click the BLOCK button.

3. How to UNBLOCK/BLOCK a Youtube Channel (all videos from one person)

Visit the home page for the channel and click the Approve button, just below the subscribe button. This will approve all videos created from this person, including all future videos that are posted.

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