How to Auto Calculate and Post Term 4 and Final Grades

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1 On Aspen homepage, click the Grades icon for the class you want to post scores.

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2 Click Options

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3 Click Update Post Columns...

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4 Click the Grades Term drop-down arrow

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5 Select Q4

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6 Make sure you have "Term Grades for all students" selected. Click Next

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7 Click the Pd4 Mark drop-down arrow

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8 Select the appropriate average 

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9 Click the Final Exam drop-down arrow

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10 You can enter the final exam scores directly on the Final Exam Column on your Gradebook. Or you can select a Final Exam Assignment if you have one already. 

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11 Teachers can alternatively select a specific assignment as the Final Exam. However, be mindful that if the assignment is included in another Gradebook category, it would be counted twice.

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12 Click the Final Grade drop-down arrow

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13 Select District Calculation. If you do not want to use the District Calculation, select Do Not Update. 

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14 Click Next

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15 Click Finish

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16 You just auto calculated the Term 3 and Final Grades for your class. Grades can be manually adjusted if needed. Then you would click Update to recalculate the final grades again.

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17 If you selected "Do Not Update" instead of "District Calculation", you will see a red circle with a line through near the final grade. It is perfectly normal. It just means that you decided not to use the District Final Grade Calculation.

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18 Now let's post the Term 3 and final grades to the report cards. Click Post Grades...

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19 Confirm the Grade Term and Grade to post and click OK. 

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20 The Term 3 and Final Grades are now posted.

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