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School View - Viewing Missing and Empty Final Grades

At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, any transcript records that needed a final grade for state reporting but did not have a final grade was populated with the final grade MFG (Missing Final Grade). In addition to records with the final grade MFG, there are transcript records with empty final grades.

These records can be viewed from both the district and school views.

School View

Log on to Aspen ( in the School View

  1. Navigate to the Grades top tab
  2. Click on the Transcripts side tab
  1. Click on the Filter menu (funnel icon)
  2. Select the filter 2019-2020 MFG or Empty Gr 6-12

Helpful Filters

Filters have been added to quickly identify transcript records that:

  • Have a final grade of MFG or an empty final grade and term grades, MFG and Empty - With Term Grades
  • Have a final grade of MFG or an empty final grade and no term grades, MFG and Empty - No Term Grades

If there are term grades, a final grade would typically be expected. If there are no term grades, the transcript record could potentially be deleted.

Quick Report

A Quick Report has been created on the data.

To run the report:

  1. Click on the Report menu
  2. Select Quick Report
  1. Click on Saved Report
  2. Select School List
  3. Click Finish
If you would like the data in .csv format, make sure the data is sorted in the order you would like and then use the Quick Print option (printer icon) to print to a .csv.

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