How to Remove Staff from your Roster

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How to remove staff from school’s active staff list

School principals and secretaries can use these steps to remove staff that should no longer have access to their school and appearing on the School view Staff top-tab:


From the Staff top-tab, find and select the staff you wish to remove from your school.


From the Staff details click Options  menu and select “Remove Staff From School”.


From the ‘Remove Staff from School’ popup, either change the Email Subject and Message text that notifies the staff of their removal, or leave default text, and click Run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What do I do if I need to re-add removed staff back to my school? 

Go to the Staff top-tab’s list view click the Options menu and select “New Staff Request”. 

For questions and support, please contact the BPS Technology Help Desk at x59200 or 617-635-9200.

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