Resetting Student Passwords

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Student email accounts and BPS ID numbers can be found in Aspen ( under a student’s name and details. Student email accounts follow the same pattern as staff with their first initial-last i.e. The Instructions below show how a student can reset a password using the self-service tool:

  1. Open Any Web browser from within BPS network  and type in following URL:

  1. Students need to Accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) once before setting up their security question and answer, as well as, creating personal network password.
  2. Students enter in their 6 digit student #, First Name, Last Name, 8 Digit Date of Birth (example, 01012000) and their Street Name Only (no “ave”, ”St”) as it appears under home address in Aspen/SIS and click Submit.
  3. Once the AUP is accepted, students are directed to create a personal security question and answer.  (students will be able to come back to and select Reset Student Password to answer personal security and answer to reset.)

  1. Students re-enter their 6 digit student #, First Name, Last Name, 8 Digit Date of Birth example, (10 01 2000) and Home Street Name Only.  

The newly created password will now work with BPS computers as well as, with Aspen/SIS, using student ID  # and BPS password. The password will also work with BPS student email through  ( as the student login).

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