Sprint/Boost 1Million Project Coolpad Surf Hotspot FAQs

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Sprint/Boost 1Million Project

Coolpad Surf

How do I activate/assign Sprint/Boost Coolpad Surf hotspots for students?

There is no need to activate a hotspot. They are ready to use and to be given to students. However, tech coordinators must record the IMEI # (which is only on the packaging box that the device comes in and not on the device) and assign to students via OneToOne.

How do I set up a Sprint/Coolpad Surf hotspot for use?

1) Assemble hotspot by placing battery into hotspot and snapping plastic battery casing on to device (Make sure to write down network password which is located on the inside of the hotspot battery casing.)

2) Plug in charger to wall outlet and into device

3) After 5 minutes, power on by pressing power key until it turns on

4) Once it turns on wait about a minute the press the WPS Key on the top of device then wait for the LED indicators to blink (this may take a few minutes).

5) Look for "CoolpadSurf" Wifi Network on device and connect via password- PW is located on the inside of the plastic battery casing on the device (if not able to find the PW inside battery case - It is also the last 8 digits of the IMEI # as well).

English and Spanish User Manual

What happens if my Sprint Boost Coolpad Surf hotspot gets/is damaged and is unusable?

Please let the tech coordinator know as soon as possible to investigate the matter. Tech coordinator will consult user manual to determine issue and decide if hotspot needs to be replaced.

Why is my hotspot working so slowly?

There are only ten gigabytes of high speed internet available so after this is used, the hotspots will slow down. This is the case most of the time for slowness or it not working properly. Please urge student to only use hotspots for schoolwork.

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