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Starting 10/30/2020 there are changes being made in how attendance codes will appear and Remote Present codes will also be added overnight for Remote Present days.

****At the bottom of this page is a quick review of changes to know

Attendance Code in ASPEN when posting

Previous code



No changes

In Person Absences


No changes

In Person Present



In Person Tardy (will be added)



Remote Absence


Remote Present



Remote Tardy



Dismissed Remote Present

1) Excused flag code will not be effected and will appear in the attendance code once represented by E.
2) You can still use the previous codes (as shown above) for the day and will be updated overnight. T IP-P and T IP-T are the same and interchange but a button will be added as you will not be able to click T and then IP-P.

Remote Present

Already Attendance codes from 9/1/2020 to 10/1/2020 have been update to reflect this. In order to limit seeing RP attendance codes there are filters called "Remove Remote Present (RP)" that have been added.

Using the Attendance button

There will be no changes in how you take attendance, but there will be limitation when using attendance buttons when available, you will only be able to click one button per student.

If the attendance code that has already been posted and needs to be removed you will need to click P and then pick a code.

In Daily Roster tab before clicking Post, if you clicked multiple codes and want to correct, click P to clear and then click the appropriate code.

****What do I have to know about the attendance changes being made?

  1. The attendance codes that appear as double letters such as A A still mean the same, in this case A (Absent), and is not an error.
  2. You can not click more than one button. You have to clear the codes first by clicking P and then add the appropriate attendance code.
  3. A new code RP will be used to backfill Present days overnight, requiring no action by you.
  4. Use "Remove Remote Present (RP)" filter to view attendance as you would have before RP codes were added.

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