How to access the Inclusive Education Asynchronous Courses in BPSLearns

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What are the Inclusive Education topics?

Educators are required to complete four foundational topics on inclusive education. There are three options to complete these topics:

  • Synchronous online sessions on Zoom (register in Vector)
  • Synchronous sessions facilitated by school teams
  • Asynchronous courses via BPSLearns

How do I enroll in the asynchronous courses on BPSLearns?

  1. Go to BPSLearns at:
  2. Click to Sign in with Google. Make sure that you use your BPS email. A personal Gmail will not work.
If you are new to BPSLearns, it will take a few moments before you can register for the asynchronous courses. Only people with BPS emails and six-digit BPS IDs can self-enroll in the modules.

Please note: If you have a 4000 ID (BPS sponsored account), you will need to be manually added to Brightspace. Email to enroll you in Brightspace.

Non-BPS emails cannot enroll in these modules.
Your name in Gmail must match your name as listed in Aspen (first name, last name). If it does not, please change it in Gmail to match what is listed in Aspen.
  1. Once you have successfully logged into BPSLearns, go to the homepage.
  2. Click on the Discover icon at the top of the homepage and search for the four asynchronous courses; they are featured. The names are:

Course Name

Inclusive Education: Leveraging the Strengths and Diversity of Students with Disabilities

Inclusive Education: Multilingual Learners

Inclusive Education: Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Inclusive Education: Access to Tier 1 Instruction

How long are the asynchronous courses and how are they structured?

Each asynchronous course is divided into 4-5 modules that you can move through at your own pace. Each course is expected to take up to 1 hour to complete if done in one sitting. 

How is my completion tracked?

Each course has quizzes, reflections, and an end-of-course feedback form. 

Module Quizzes and Reflections

There will be assessments for each module in the course that range from a written reflection to an auto-graded quiz.

  • You are allowed unlimited attempts on quizzes but you must get 100% on each quiz to pass the course.
  • The open-response reflections are optional to complete within the platform but are encouraged. These will not be graded.
End-of-Course Feedback Form

After each course, you must complete the required course feedback form (Google Form).

How to Download Your Certificate of Completion

Check to make sure that you have completed the below criteria to receive a Certificate of Completion. 

  • Scored 100% on all quizzes
  • Reviewed the page Welcome > How to Receive Credit
  • Completed the End of Course Feedback Form

Once you have met these criteria, you can find your Certificate of Completion under the Awards tab. Download this certificate and share it with your school leader(s).

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