5 Tips to Improve Macbook Performance

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1. Get to know your Device

Understanding the Terminology of your device will help you navigate quickly to troubleshoot it's status. The Menubar, Dock & Desktop are a great starting point to explore on your Macbook. (Check your Date & Time)

2. Clear your Browsing Data/Review Browser Extensions

Both Safari & Chrome can experience issues with stored browsing history, downloads and image data. Clearing the data regularly can help resolve common issues and improve speed. Free software like .PDF converters bundle and install unwanted Extensions that takeover your browser.

3. Check for Malware

We recommend running a program like Malwarebytes for personal use to scan and remove any potentially malicious files. Please also review your installed Applications for non-standard/unknown software.

4. Reboot your device

Sometimes the simplest fix is a Reboot. It can end a process or clear up your device cache.

5. Run Updates

Check your Applications & Operating System for the latest updates. Go to your menu bar. Most apps have a "Check for Updates" link that you can run when an application encounters issues. If an app is damaged or not working, you can try to reinstall it.

BEFORE Removing apps or running OS updates confer with OIIT to determine the impact and compatibility with any non-standard applications or technology that you may be using. This information may also be found on the developer/manufacturers website. Help Desk 617-635-9200

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