How to access EdOptions Academy

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What is EdOptions Academy? Who has access?

Edmentum provides extensive, effective online solutions for all learners paired with highly qualified, state-certified online teachers. Trusted nationally, Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy partners with over 2,500 school districts and services the needs of over 200,000 students.

EdOptions Academy teachers utilize Synchronous Overview Sessions to complete a variety of activities with their students including unit and topic overviews, group read-alouds, breaking down complex concepts, writers’ workshops, small group break-out sessions, and practice activities. A library of academically supportive resources containing guided notes, recorded lessons, etc. is available for students who miss a live session, want to review, catch up or get ahead.

All BPS schools, grades K-12, have access to EdOptions Academy via Clever. The Calvert Learning curriculum is for grades K-5 and Courseware is for grades 6-12.

How do I access EdOptions Academy?

Log in to Clever at using your BPS email and password. Look for EdOptions Academy under the Virtual Learning Sites category.

All users will need to sign in manually with the username and password provided by the BPS District Admin for EdOptions.

What devices is the program compatible with?

EdOptions Academy can be accessed on Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops.

Where can I learn more about EdOptions Academy?

Admins: EOA | Getting Started for Site Coordinators (

Teachers: EOA | Getting Started for Site Coordinators (

Families: EOA | Getting Started for Students, Parents, Caregivers (

Students: EOA | Getting Started for Students, Parents, Caregivers (


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Edmentum Technical Support: Call 800.447.5286 or email    

EdOptions Academy teachers can be contacted via email through Genius. Students and Guardians will also have access to teacher phone numbers and webinar links to teacher office hours.

BPS Home & Hospital Program: Brian Marques

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