How to input Early College and Innovation Pathway participation in Aspen for SIMS

Kevin Arias Updated by Kevin Arias

Early College and Innovation Pathways participation must be manually entered in Aspen.

  1. Click the Student Top Tab
    If you are a school staff switch to School View, and for District staff switch to District View. Located next to your name at the top right on the window.
  2. Click on the Field set menu and select the “HQ Pathways” field set
    Filter to only the necessary students using their student numbers or SASIDs by using the appropriate filter from the filter drop down menu.

    If you have a list of IDs you can use this guide for further guidance:
  3. Select the Options > Modify List
  4. Click the blue pencil under the column header where you wish to enter data (Either HQ Career Path Type or HQ Career Path Participation)
  5. Enter the appropriate label for each student. You can click the magnifying glass icon to pull up a list of acceptable codes and their descriptions OR you can type the code.
  6. Click the green 'Check Box' to save changes (or the red 'X' to discard changes). Repeat as needed per page (not per student).

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