Using the CK Editor - Announcements, Emails, Banners

Using the CK Editor for Announcements, Emails, Banners

You can use the CK Editor to add tables, images, flash, hyperlinks and to format your Announcements, Emails, and Page Banners.

What is the CK Editor?

CK Editor is an enterprise-grade WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor with wide browser compatibility. Simply copy/paste from Word and Excel, spell check, accessibility checker, tables.

The “WYSIWYG” part means that when you use CKEditor, you can style the text and add rich media contents to your document in real-time by using the editor interface (toolbar buttons, dialog windows), and the result will be seen immediately. If you click the Bold button, the text will become bold; when you add an image, it will appear straight away.



Table: Inserts a table into the text box.

Image: Inserts an image into the text box. You can either:

  • Copy and paste the URL of the image in the URL field, or
  • Click Browse for Image to insert an image saved on your computer.

Flash: Inserts a flash application into the text box.

Templates: Opens a template in the editor.

Insert Horizontal Line: Inserts a horizontal line into the text box.

Link: Inserts a hyperlink into the text box.

Unlink: Removes a hyperlink from the text box.

Left Justify: Formats the text with a left justification.

Center Justify: Formats the text with a center justification.

Right Justify: Formats the text with a right justification.

Block Justify: Formats the text with a block justification.

Decrease Indent: Decreases an indent.

Increase Indent: Increases an indent.

Insert/remove numbered list: Inserts a numbered list. Click again to remove a numbered list.

Insert/Remove Bulleted List: Insert a bulleted list. Click again to remove a bulleted list.

Source: Allows viewing or editing the HTML of the text. Currently not supported in Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Print: Prints the text box.

Maximize: Click to maximize the text box to fill your browser’s screen. Click again to minimize the text box.

Font: Changes the text’s font.

Size: Changes the text’s size.

Paragraph Format: Allows headings to be applied for quick formatting.

Text color: Changes the text’s color.

Background color: Changes the text’s background color.

Bold: Changes text to bold.

Italic: Italicizes text.

Underline: Underlines text.

Subscript: Allows typing in subscript.

Superscript: Allows typing in superscript.

Remove Format: Removes any formatting (bold, italics, etc.) from the selected text.

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