Troubleshooting Aspen-Google Classroom Sync Issues

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Review this tutorial before exploring the troubleshooting doc below.

The automatic "link class" banner should appear in your Google Classroom. You can also link classes from the General Section of your Classroom settings if the banner is not visible.

Make sure to link the correct class to the same class/same roster in Aspen.
  • The user must have classes in Aspen.
  • The user must have their Type listed as Teacher in their Aspen profile. An Aspen admin or School Leader/Registrar can make this change. It will update within seconds.

Export Grades:

  • Make sure you have matched your Google Classroom Gradebook dates and categories to your Aspen Gradebook dates and categories.
  • All assignments must be returned to students before they can be exported to Aspen.
  • All assignments must have a due date within the SIS grading period.
  • You cannot pre-date the Due Date in Google Classroom. An assignment's Due Date must fall on or after the date you created the assignment or Aspen will reject it.
  • All assignments should have fewer than 50 characters to export.

Export Errors:

  • Student not found: Class may not be linked to the correct section in Aspen. Unlink your classes and relink the sections.
  • Assignment of same name already exists: Assignment name may be too long and the truncated version sent to Aspen is the same as another assignment already posted. Try naming your assignments with a number first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your categories in both Aspen and Google Classroom need to be set and be the same for the Sync to work?
If you delete an assignment from Google Classroom or Aspen will the assignment on the other platform also disappear?
No, it will not delete assignments that are not also listed in Google classroom. You would need to manually delete assignments on both platforms if you want to remove the assignment.
Can there be additional grades posted to Aspen or must everything also be in Google Classroom?
Yes, you can add additional assignments and grades to Aspen if you want.
Will newly rostered or withdrawn students automatically appear in Google Classroom or will I have to add them myself?
They will automatically appear after the nightly sync. If they don’t appear, you can add them yourself. Their grades should still sync based on the student's email.
Can I rename my class?
Yes, once it is linked to ASPEN, class names in Google Classroom can be changed.
What if I didn’t link the class, but I created a classroom and now want to link it?
You can link and unlink classes at anytime
What is “one roster default” in Aspen mean?
If you send a grade to Aspen that doesn’t have a category, Aspen will call it “One Roster default.” You can edit the category in Google Classroom and export the grade again. Delete the One roster assignment in Aspen.
How should I name my assignments?
Assignment names will be truncated when sent to Aspen. It is best to have an identifier first like 1-quiz or #1 Quiz, so that you don't end up with two assignments that appear to have the same name when exported.

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