How to see Student GPAs from the Student Tab

Viewing Student GPAs from Student Tab

These instructions are Guidance Counselors and for other school level users that do not have access to the GPA side tab.

You can use the GPA field set to view the GPAs; you can use the GPA fieldset in conjunction with a Filter to view only a specific YOG or grade level; you can use Sort options to sort results in a specific order, and you can use the Quick Print icon to print the results.

From the School View in Aspen (

GPA Field Set

  1. Click on the Student top tab
  2. Click on the Field Set menu
  3. Select the GPA field set

  1. You will see the GPAs for the students in your current filter

Filter Records for Specific Grade Level

  1. Click on the Filter menu
  2. Select the Grade Level =? filter

  1. In the popup window, select the Grade Level from the dropdown list
  2. Click Submit to perform the search
Pre-defined Filters for use with GPA and Rank

In addition to filters like Grade=? (for filtering to a specific grade level), there are other filters that are useful when viewing or printing GPA

Rank Filter - Omit 0 Rank

If students have not been included in a GPA/Ranking run, the rank will be zero. This is typical with newly enrolled students. Newly enrolled students may have a 0 rank. To omit these records when viewing printing a list of GPAs and Rank, use the Rank Filter - Omit 0 Rank filter

You can use this filter as the Search Based on filter if you want to view or print the GPAs and Rank for a specific Grade Level. To do this, select the Grade level = ? filter and then change the Search base on to be Rank Filter - Omit 0 Rank

Sort Found Records

Sort by Weighted Cumulative GPA Column

  1. Click twice on the column GPAWtdCm header to sort in descending order (highest GPA will be first record)

The caret/arrow to the right of the column header indicates the sort order.
Up caret = ascending sort order
Down caret = descending sort order

Pre-defined Sort Orders

There are also pre-defined sort orders that are useful when viewing or printing GPAs. Click on the Sort (a-z) icon to select a pre-defined sort order.

  • GPA Rank Weighted Sort -by grade by rank: this sorts by student grade level, by rank

  1. Click on the Quick Print icon (printer icon)
  1. Select print format
    1. Web Page (HTML): will print what you see on the screen
    2. TXT: will print in text format to open with Notepad or other similar application
    3. CSV: will print in csv format to open with Excel or other similar application
    4. Microsoft Word (DOC): will open in Word or can be saved to open in similar application

See Quick Print and Quick Report for more information on printing records that you are viewing.

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