How to Change Course Section Details

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1 The first step is to open Aspen in School View and click Schedule Top Tab.

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2 This will bring you to the Master Schedule.

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3 Select the section you wish to make changes.

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4 This will bring you to the Course Details page. In the Details Page, you can change the course and section number, primary staff name, room, term, and enrollment maximum.

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5 By default, sections will be closed at the maximum. You can change this setting by un checking the Is section closed at max enrollment button for large classes like online courses, lunch, or study halls.

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6 Click Rebuild sub tab

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7 On the Rebuild screen you can rebuild the student roster by balancing students from other students in the same course.

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8 Click Teachers sub tab.

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9 Use the teacher sub tab to add multiple Teachers and Co Teachers to this course.

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10 Click Options

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11 Click Add

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12 Fill in the needed information for each teacher you wish to add.Remember to click Save when you are done.

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13 Click Roster Sub Tab.

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14 Use the Roster Sub Tab to add students to the course roster.

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15 Click Options

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16 Click Add...

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17 Add students to the roster by using Selection, Snapshots, or Another section.

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18 Click OK when done adding students.

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19 Click Details

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20 Click Save

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21 That's it. You're done.

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