How to Enter Teacher Course Recommendations for the Next School Year

From within your Gradebook you may make course recommendations for your students for the next school year. Very often the window for Teacher Recommendations is aligned with Term 3 Progress or Term grading.

1. Enable the "Show course selection recommendation" Gradebook preferences

Click your name in upper right and then click Set Preferences

Click on the Gradebook tab

Check the box next to Show course selection recommendation to enable the preference.

Click OK.

2. Navigate to your section(s)

Go to the Gradebook top tab> Scores side tab.

You may also use the Grades shortcut on your home screen to quickly go to your Scores side tab.

3. Make recommendations

There is no need to or way to save. In the Gradebook once you move to another cell the data is automatically saved.

Click the down arrow in the Recommendation field to see course selections.

Click on the appropriate course

Repeat for all students and all sections

If  there is a Note pad with pen icon you may enter in a Comment with your recommendation. Click on the notepad icon.

Comments ARE visible on the Student and Family Portals. Not all schools will use comments.

You may have more than one recommendation column. If you do, be careful to not make duplicate recommendations
Time saving tip: If there is a course that most students will take in the next year use CTRL D to fill down after making a recommendation for the first student. You may then change any student that you are recommending to a different course.

4. Hide/disable the "Show course selection recommendation" in your Gradebook preferences

Once you are done making recommendations you may want to hide the recommendation columns.

Click your name in upper right and then click Set Preferences

Click on the Gradebook tab

Uncheck the box next to Show course selection recommendation to hide/disable the preference.

Click Ok.

Course Recommendation Report

After completing your recommendations you may run the Course Recommendation Report from the Reports menu.

The Course Recommendation Report may also be run from your Class List (Gradebook top tab).  This will run the report for all sections


If a teacher cannot make recommendations check:

  • Is the window open for that department to make recommendations?
  • Does the course have Allow recommendation checked?
  • Does the teacher have Show course selection recommendation checked in User Gradebook Preferences?
  • Does the current year course have a valid recommendation code?
  • Does teacher have the SAME department as the course?
  • Is there another window open at the same time

If a teacher cannot make recommendations for a specific student check:

  • Does the student have a Next Year School?
  • Is the student set to include in scheduling?
  • Is the student in grade 12 (students in grade 12 usually do not have a next year school added)?

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