How to Update Student Athletic Information - Program Tab

Student Athletic Program Information

Once a student has an Athletic Program record, the records should be maintained and updated with the required Athletic information.

Updating Athletic Program Information may be done from the Student top tab or from the Programs top tab. Below is information on updating information from the Student top tab. See also How to Update Student Athletic Information - Student Tab

Programs Top Tab

From the School View in Aspen (

  1. Navigate to the Programs top tab
  2. Click on the Athletics side tab

By default, you should open the side tab in the Athletics Program Definition. If you are not seeing Athletics, click on the Dictionary icon and select Athletics

Click on the Programs sub-tab

  1. Click into the student record
  2. Make any changes needed

Use the Modify List and Mass Update functions to quickly update records.

Using Modify List and Mass Update

Unlike when working from the Student top tab, when working from the Program top tab you can use Modify List and Mass Update to quickly make changes.

Not all fields are list modifiable or mass updateable.
Modify List

Use the Modify List option to quickly and easily edit text on a list page for any field that is editable. This is especially useful when you need to change values for multiple records.

  1. Click on the Options menu
  2. Select Modify List
  3. Click on the Pencil under the column you wish to edit
  1. Make data changes to that field
  2. Click the Green check to save after making changes. Use the Red X to discard changes.
Make sure to save BEFORE moving to another page

Mass Update

Use a mass update to permanently change one set of values to another set of values for the same field. For example, maybe all of the students in Homeroom 101 are being switched to Homeroom 104.


  1. Select the records you wish to view by placing a check in the selection box
  1. Click on the Options menu
  2. Click on Show Selected
MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. There is no 'undo' function when using Mass Update.
  1. Click on the Options menu
  2. Click on Mass Update

  1. In the popup window, select the Field to update
  2. Enter or select the new value
  3. Click the Update button
  4. You will receive a popup message. To confirm the action, click the OK button
  5. You will receive a second popup message that will note the number of records that will be updated. If this is correct, click the OK button
  1. When the update completes you will see a popup message. Click OK to close the message.
Pro tip: ignore this popup window. It will disappear after a few seconds.

Athletic Program Information and Templates

School Year and Dates
  1. School Year: there should be a record for each school year and sport
This is temporary, for 2020-2021 school year only. This will be changed so that there is one program record and sports will be listed below
  1. Enter in the Start Date. This can be the start of the school year or the start of the current season
  2. End Date and End Reason: if a student stops participating, enter in the End Date and enter in the End Reason

Eligibility Status

This information will be populated from the Eligibility tab

School, Season and Sport Information

Select the Season

  1. Select the School level
  2. Select the School
  3. Select the Season
  4. Select the Sport
  5. Enter in Team name if known
  6. Enter in Weight Class if applicable (for Weightlifiting only)

Student Information

The lower portion of the screen contains student demographic informmation

Eligibility Tab
  1. Status: by default, students will have the status of Pending Determination (other status codes: Action required, Active Participation, Eligible to participate, Ineligible to participate)
  2. Eligibility Decision Date: date determination is made; may change based upon status
  3. Eligibility Checked by: selection of Athletic Administrators
  4. Date of birth, Athletic GPA, YTD Attendance and Physical Form on file

Contacts Tab

Forms Tab

Forms may be uploaded or use the checkbox to indicate that the form is on file.

Attendance Tab

Attendance information to verify attendance eligibility

Grades Tab

Current year grade information to verify academic eligibility

Enrollment Tab

Includes all enrollment records to check for four years of high school and for transfer records.

Schedule Tab

Current year schedule records to confirm enrollment in four core courses.

Notes Tab

Used to notate any information related to Athletic participation.

Links to forms and related websites

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