How to Calculate Averages - Final Grades

Calculate Averages Procedure

Audience: Middle and High School Administrators and Grading Managers

If term grades are added or modified from the School level, or you would like the Final Grade to be populated with the District Final Grade Calculation, you can run the Calculate Averages Procedure to update final grades.

When running this procedure, make sure you are working ONLY with those transcript records that you wish to update.

From the School view (

  1. Navigate to the Grades top tab
  2. Click on the Transcripts side tab
  3. Click on the Options menu
  4. Select Calculate Averages
  1. For the Column to update, select Final Grade
  2. For the Grade Term, select the appropriate Grade Term
  3. Calculate for, should always be Current selection (make sure to check the number of records!)
Running this on ALL records will change historical grades. NEVER run on All Transcript Records
  1. Leave Skip adjusted averages checked (this tells the system to skip the updating if there is an adjusted average-someone has manually entered a final grade other than the class average)
  2. Leave Skip existing averages unchecked (this tells the system to skip if the records already have an existing final grade)
  3. Click OK
Note: in this example, the courses are all S1 courses. A final grade is expected at the end of Q2. If you are running this on Full Year Courses, you would select Q4 (or T3 if school uses trimesters).

Before calculating averages

After calculating averages

Calculate Credits

Note the Credit column in the above screenshot. The credit is 0.0. Calculating the Final Grade does not automatically update the Credits earned. The Calculate Credits Procedure needs to be run

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