How to Change an Elementary Transcript Record

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  1. Click on the Student top-tab.
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  1. Select a student.
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    If the student is no longer enrolled in your school, click the Filter icon and select "All Students" to find the student record.
  2. Click Transcript side-tab
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    Make sure the Dictionary Menu icon is set to ''Grades 1-5 (Trimester)' or 'All'
  3. Click a course
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    For previous years transcripts set the Filter icon to 'All Records'
  4. Scroll down to the record to change.
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    For Fall, Winter, and Spring click the + sign icon to expand the rubric
  5. Click the magnifying glass near the record
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  6. Click the folder
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  1. Choose a code.
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  1. Click Ok
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  1. Click Save. That's it. You're done.
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