How to Factory Reset a BPS Chromebook

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  1. Hold down two keys: ESC and "Circle Arrow" and at the same time, tap the POWER button:
  2. You will receive one of the following messages depending on the model of your Chromebook:
  3. Hold down CTRL and tap the D key to begin Developer Mode, then hit ENTER to confirm when prompted. The screen displays either a red exclamation point OR "Please insert a recovery USB stick" is displayed.
  4. Hold down CTRL and tap the D key again. The screen refreshes and a message displays saying that "Developer Mode is disabled..." and the device reboots itself back into Verified Mode.
  5. Choose English language, and your location's Wireless SSID from the drop down menu. Enter the Wireless password, then continue. If you are using BpsStaff as the wireless, follow these instructions when it asks you to login to the wifi.
  6. This brings you to the ENTERPRISE ENROLLMENT login screen. *If it doesn't, then hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time, and tap the E key and you should then be at the login screen.
  7. Log in with any BPS Gmail account:
    Be sure to type the full email out including (student) or (staff)
  8. It should display a "Successfully enrolled." message. If it does not then go back and start with step 1 again.
  9. A regular login screen appears. Log in with your BPS Gmail address and password. The Chromebook is ready for regular use. And for now on, the Chromebook will connect to the wireless you specified above automatically (or to ChromeWLAN if you are using a BPS hotspot).

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