How to Enter a Student's Next Year Homeroom in School View

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1 The first step is to open Aspen and click School top tab.

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2 Click Next Year Students side tab.

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3 Click Filter menu to Show fewer students or a particular grade level.

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4 Click Next year grade = ?

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5 Select the grade level you want to work with.

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6 Click Submit.

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7 Click Options.

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8 Click Modify List.

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9 Click the Blue Pencil to Edit this column.

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10 Type in the student's Next Year Homeroom.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include your school four digit ID, under score, and the room number.
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11 The Green Check mark is your Save button. You must Click this to Save your changes on this page before moving to the next page.

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12 Click the Green check mark to Save changes on this page. Repeat the previous steps with all your students.

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13 When you are done entering Homerooms, click Options again.

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14 Click Modify List to exit the editing mode.

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15  That's it. You're done.

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