How to Update Physical Exam Information for Athletics - Nurses

Student Physical Exam Information

Student physical exam information can be updated in the details of each student's Athletic Participation record or by using Modify List and working in List view.

Working in Single Student Athletic Record

From the School view (

  1. Navigate to the Programs top tab
  2. Click on the Athletics side tab
  1. Click into the name Hyperlink to see the student record
  2. Click on the Physical Exam tab
  1. Update the student Physical Exam information
  • Physical Form on File: check this box if the school has a paper Physical Exam form
  • Physical Upload: click the Up Arrow to upload a digital copy of the student's physical exam
  • Physical Date: enter the date of the student's last physical exam
  • Meets Physical Exam Requirement: select the appropriate response: Yes, No or N/A

Working in List View

Instead of working in the details of each student, you can use Modify List to quickly update physical information.

  1. Make sure you are viewing the Phyical Fields fieldset (grid icon)
  1. Click on the Options menu
  2. Select Modify List
  1. Click the Pencil icon under the column header of the field you would like to update
  1. Update records in the list view
  1. To save, click on the Green check icon (click on the red X to discard changes)
Make sure to save before moving to another page

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