How to Schedule Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Scheduling

Dual Enrollment courses have been added to the District Course Catalog.  These courses are now available for schools to use to track their Dual Enrollment.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add the courses to your school course catalog
  2. Create sections of the Dual Enrollment sections
  3. Schedule students into the Dual Enrollment sections
  4. Enter Dual Enrollment grades

Students must be scheduled into the Dual Enrollment sections to be reported to the state in the Advanced courses.

Adding Dual Enrollment to School Catalog

Before scheduling students, courses must be added to your school course catalog. 

Navigation: Schedule top tab>Courses>Options>Add>select Dual Enrollment courses.

All Dual Enrollment course codes start with the number "9" and end with “DE.” The second character follows the standard department numbering: 1= English, 2=History, 3=World Language, 4=Math, 5=Science, 7=CVTE, 8=Visual and Performing Arts, C=Technology. (Example: 91000DE would be a Dual Enrollment English course.)

The link for "Here" is outdated for SY21 catalog. We are working to update for SY24 soon.

Here is a listing of the current Dual Enrollment courses. If a course is missing from the District Course Catalog, please complete the New Course Request Form.

Create Dual Enrollment Sections

Once the courses have been added to your school course catalog you may add sections, entering in the required information. The teacher on the Dual Enrollment section is not reported to the state. The teacher on the section should be the person that will be entering in the final grades for the Dual Enrollment sections

Navigation: School view>Schedule top tab>Sections/Master side tab>Options>Add

Add Students to Dual Enrollment Sections

Once the sections are created you may schedule students into the sections. 

Navigation: Student>Schedule>Workspace or from Schedule> or from Section Details>Roster>Options>Add>Pull

Grading Dual Enrollment Sections

Grading for Dual Enrollment sections will be the same as the grading of other sections.  Final grades are required. Term grades are required for current year GPA calculation.

Navigation: Staff view in the Gradebook>Scores or from the School view>Grades top tab>Grade Input side tab

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