How to run the Grade Post Verification Report in Aspen

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1 Open Aspen in the School View and click Grades Top-tab.

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2 Click Grade Input side tab

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3 Click Reports

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4 Click Grade Post Verification BPS

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5 Click the Magnifying Glass next to term.

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6 Select the appropriate term. In this case it is for Term one.

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7 Click OK

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8 Click the Magnifying Glass next to Post Type.

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9 Select the appropriate Post Type. In this case Progress Grades for Term one.

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10 Click OK

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11 Click the Magnifying Glass next to Grade Column.

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12 Select the appropriate grade column.  In this case Term one Progress Mark. You can run a separate report if you want to check for Progress Comments.

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13 Click OK

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14 Click the  Sort Results by drop down menu and Select Teacher.

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15 Select the format you wish to use.

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16 Click Run. That's it. You're done. Your report will download to your computer.

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