How to See Next Year Student Assignments, Incoming Students, and Wait List Totals

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1. To see students assignments and incoming students click School

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2. Click Next Year Students

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3. This will expand to show two side-tabs, “Receiving” for students who will be new to your school for next school year and “Sending” for your current students next year assignments. The default is Receiving

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4. Choose the appropriate filterReceiving Students is the defaut.

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5. If you would like to generate an Excel list with the phone numbers to contact parents, click on the printer icon and choose CSV.

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6. Click Reports 

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7. Use the reports and lables that best fit your needs. 

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8. Choose Sending & Receiving List, select your criteria, and click Run.

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9. Select the desired Student Address Labels to run.

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10. To see your waitlist totals for next year click  the school name

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11. Click Next Year Capacity

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12. Your school Waitlist Totals will be listed if there are any.

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