BPS Wireless Phones

How do I request to activate a new phone for my employee?
Submit a BPS Wireless Phone Request (Form 50). Only a Principal/Department Head (or someone who is authorized & has access to budget/financial systems) can submit a request to activate a new phone (with new phone number). Processing time is approximately 1-2 weeks. The employee will receive an automated email from our Kace system with a link to complete & submit a BPS Wireless Phone User Agreement which includes a link to make an appointment to pick up the phone.
What is the criteria for use of a BPS wireless phone?
Boston Public School employees that meet one or more of the criteria detailed below are eligible for use of a district issued wireless phone. Indirect employees such as, but not limited to, volunteers, consultants, retired employees, and employees on extended leave are not eligible for the use of a district issued wireless phone. All requests are subject to approval by the Responsibility Center Manager, the Chief Information Officer, and the Superintendent.

(1) The employee’s job responsibilities require him/her to be available for work-related communications beyond regular work hours.

(2) The employee’s job responsibilities regularly require him/her to communicate for work-related purposes away from their primary work location, without access to landline telephones.

(3) To communicate in emergency situations to help ensure the safety of students and staff in school buildings during operating hours.
What is the monthly plan?
Users have unlimited voice, text, and data which tiers down after 2GB a month of use.
What are the expectations for Acceptable Use?
Employees agree to responsibly use the wireless phone. Boston Public School records and statements are public documents and can be viewed by the public at any time. The use of a district issued wireless phone is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use and/or neglect will result in cancellation of those privileges and possible disciplinary action. Boston Public Schools will regularly monitor and audit usage.
What are the expectations for Security & Care?
Employees assume the responsibility of the security and care of their assigned wireless phone. Employees are required to set a device lock in order to prevent unauthorized access. An employee issued a wireless phone may be financially responsible for the replacement of the device if it is lost, stolen, or damaged and for any additional accessories (see eligibility for replacement). Responsibility Center Managers/Employees must contact OIIT immediately to report loss/theft of a wireless phone by calling the OIIT Service Desk at (617) 635-9200.
What do I do when an employee leaves?
Employees/Responsibility Center Managers must immediately report the end of wireless phone usage. Upon termination or reassignment, employees must return the device, with included accessories, to the Responsibility Center Manager or to the Office of Instructional & Information Technology administrative office. The device must be properly reset to factory settings.
What if an employee transfers to another school/department?
All wireless phones must remain within the responsibility center originally assigned. For approval to transfer services/phones among responsibility centers, contact Solimar Cruzado at scruzado@bostonpublicschools.org.
How do I request to reassign a phone?
Submit a BPS Wireless Phone Request (Form 50). An assumption will be made that you physically have a phone in hand that has been properly reset to factory settings. The employee will receive an automated email from our Kace system with a link to complete & submit a BPS Wireless Phone User Agreement. Once done, set up the phone using the prompts at start-up.
How do I cancel a phone line?
Submit a BPS Wireless Phone Request (Form 50). Please have the employee properly reset the phone to factory settings before returning both the device and charger to you. Then, return the phone to BPSTechnology administrative offices.
How do I report a phone lost/stolen?
Call the BPSTechnology Service Desk at (617) 635-9200. The phone number will be restricted for 60 days. After 60 days, the line will be automatically cancelled if a replacement phone is not obtained.
What is the eligibility for a replacement phone?
Every user can be given ONE new phone a year IF:
(1) Their current phone cannot be repaired.
(2) They have an older model phone (see phone models).
(3) Their phone was lost or stolen.
If the end-user has already received a new phone for the year, if one is available, we can use a previously used device.
How can I get a replacement phone?
Please call the BPS Service Desk at (617) 635-9200. They will verify your identity, determine your eligibility for a replacement phone, and open a Kace ticket. You will receive an automated email from our Kace system with link to make an appointment to pick up the phone.
How do I reset a phone to factory settings?
Instructions may vary depending on make, model, and the operating system. A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. It does not delete data stored on the SIM card or SD card.
What do I do if a phone is locked or not reset?
Unfortunately, cell phones that are locked cannot be reset centrally. They require the previous user's credentials/passwords in order to be unlocked/reset.
What are some of the different BPS phone models?
Samsung Galaxy J7 (white)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (rose gold)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Star (silver)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (black)
Samsung Galaxy A12 (black)
Where can I find additional help?
BPSTechnology Service Desk - (617) 635-9200
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