STRIVE Program set up and Schedule

The STRIVE Program is a Special Education program that runs year round, weekends, vacations, and most holidays.  Students from BPS schools participate in the STRIVE Program.  Students are enrolled in the STRIVE Program by using a Secondary School Association.


STRIVE Program Setup

  • Enroll students in STRIVE Program
  • Create the Master Schedule
  • Schedule students into Sections
  • Create Calendar for School Year
  • Attendance
  • Grading


 Enroll Students in STRIVE Program

Which students participate in the STRIVE Program? Typically students continue in the STRIVE program from year to year.  Even graduated students may continue in the program.  

In the new school year, you can't see last year's STRIVE students in the School View.  This is because secondary school records are linked to the school year context in which they are created. 

You can see last year's STRIVE students, by running the query called "Secondary School ? in School Year ?"  It basically runs this SQL:

Adding the Secondary School Association

Enrollment in the STRIVE program will conform to the standard school year.  In the past STRIVE was on a September-August schedule.  Starting with the 2017-2018 STRIVE will use the July-June schedule so that there is no school year overlap.

  • To mass add secondary school associations:
    • From District view: Student top tab>Options>Create Secondary  School Associations (Shared)
      • Select STRIVE Progam
      • If done after the start of the school year start dates will need to be mass updated to start of school date
    • From School view:  Student top tab>Options>Create Secondary School Associations.
      • School:  STRIVE Program
      • District Year: current school year
      • Start date: current year start date
      • End date: current year end date
  • Single student enrollment in program:  For students new to the program, the school association is added from Student top tab>Membership side tab>Schools sub tab>Options>Add.  Enter in STRIVE Program for the school, the school year, Association type of Secondary.


Create the Master Schedule

STRIVE offers two courses and one section of each course each year.  Courses will need to be added to the school year catalog and sections created.  

  • Courses:
    • FAC-MGT Facilities Management (STRIVE)
    • GO_GRN  Go Green Recycling Program (STRIVE)
  • Sections:
    • FAC-MGT-001 Facilities Management (STRIVE)
    • GO_GRN-001  Go Green Recycling Program (STRIVE)


Scheduling Students into Sections

Traditional single student scheduling (Student top tab>Schedule side tab>Workspace sub-tab)  may be done but the quickest way to schedule is to use the Roster sub tab in the Section details, Options>Add>and select students.  


Create the School Year Calendar

The STRIVE Program will most likely need the calendar set up before the district has initialized all school calendars and will instead need to be set up individually for the school.   


Note:  the district and BPS school years need to be adjusted to allow for attendance during the summer months.

  • To initialize calendar:  District top tab>Schools side tab>STRIVE Program>Calendars sub tab>Options>Add
    • Calendar ID: BPS-Standard
    • School Year Context: select current school year
    • Options>Initialize Calendar
      • leave defaults and click OK


Need to check student primary school for STRIVE attendance management type.  It is defaulting to None.

If the calendar is set up and the sections are scheduled, nothing else needs to be done for teachers to take class attendance.   The only issues will arise from the dates not being in session.

Attendance may also be taken from the school level.  With 5.9 functionality may take class attendance from Class Roster side tab in School view.



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