How to add Journal Entries for one or more Students

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To add a journal entry for one student, follow these 3 simple steps:


On the Student top tab, select a student

This will take you to the Details page for the student.


Select the Journals sub-tab


Select the Add button

Enter your journal and click Save at the bottom.

The first two contacts for a student are listed for your convenience.

How to Add an Identical Journal Entry for One or More Students All at Once

This is to simplify the case where you may have met with multiple students, or sent emails to multiple parents, and you want to record these interactions as Journal entries. Doing so one student at a time is tedious, so a special procedure has been created to make it easy!


On the Student top tab, select one or more students


In the Options menu, click Show Selected

Your screen will refresh, and you will see only those students who should have the journal entry created for them


In the Options menu, click Add Journal Entry for Multiple Students

The screen that displays allows you to enter the details of a journal entry that will be created for each student in your current list.

NOTE: Be sure to write a generic comment (i.e., do NOT include student or parent names) as this comment will be exactly the same for every student. 

There is currently no feature to use codes to personalize the comment.


Enter the number of journal entries to create

If this journal entry is for 5 students, enter a 5 here. If you are entering a journal for all 25 students in your class, enter 25.

The procedure will double check that the number you enter matches the students you have on your screen. (Protects against forgetting step 2 above)


Select Run

Aspen will create an identical journal entry for each student, confirming everything it has done in a pop-up window.

You may close this window and look at any of the students on your screen to see your new journal entry.


Use your filter menu to return to viewing all your students

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