How to Enter Emergency Conduct Removal

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1 On School View, click your name

Step 1 image

2 Click Set preferences

Step 2 image

3 Click Home

Step 3 image

4 Check off Tasks

Step 4 image

5 Click OK

Step 5 image

6 Scroll down to the Tasks section, choose a Conduct Referral and click Determine action

Step 6 image

7 Click Post

Step 7 image

8 Click Next

Step 8 image

9 Click Add

Step 9 image

10 Click the magnifying glass

Step 10 image

11 Click the drop down arrow

Step 11 image

12 Go to page 5

Step 12 image

13 Select Emergency Removal

Step 13 image

14 Click OK

Step 14 image

15 Select the removal days

Step 15 image

16 Type the Action Description and click OK

Step 16 image

17 Type  Remarks

Step 17 image

18 Check off Print form on exit and click finish. That's it. You're done.

Step 18 image

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