How to enter in Student Next Homeroom in School view from the Student top tab

Adding Student Next Homeroom from School view Student top tab

You can enter in the Next Year Homeroom for your current students from the School view, Student top tab. Using this method you may only add or update the Next Homeroom of your current students.

  1. Log into School view in Aspen
  2. Go to the Student top tab
  3. Select the Next Year Fields field set
  4. Enter in the Student Next Homeroom from the Build view, Student top tab using Modify List
  5. Click the pencil under the Next Homeroom to enter or edit the Next Homeroom and enter in Next Homerooms
  6. Save changes by clicking on the Green check
If using Modify List, make sure to SAVE before moving to another page.
You can also use Mass Update: select the student records. When Mass Updating be sure to confirm the number of records you are updating!
You may not enter in the Next Homeroom for students that do not currently have a primary school association to your school.

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