Summer School Registration 2024

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How to Register for Summer School

1. Non-credit bearing programs enrollment (Gr. K0-12) Thursday April 25 in SchoolMint

Please have families complete a summer program application via SchoolMint (click here) to be confirmed for programming. Program administrators can log in at

2. Credit-bearing/recovery programs enrollment (Gr. 7-12) Monday April 29 in Aspen

Schools should select site location and appropriate courses based on student's incomplete coursework. Please use the guides below for assistance with registration.

Summer School HelpDocs

For Questions and Support, Contact:

Enrollment and Site Coordinators role and summer school access requests: Extending Learning Time Office - ELT (Charles Cauley at

Credit Recovery enrollment, general education summer programs: ELT Office ( and Stacy Reid

School Mint registration, 5th Quarter Programs, Non-credit Recovery Programs and Registration:

Edmentum Online Courses: Charles Cauley and Ed Considine

Student Password Resets: Please see this helpdoc for step-by-step instructions.

Clever: The Clever sync will be paused from July 19-August 19 so no new data will be coming in to Clever during this time. Students will have access to apps based on SY 23-24 access or if they are enrolled in a summer course in Aspen and are using a rostered app. For basic troubleshooting, contact BPS Technology Help Desk at 617-635-9200, or enter a Help Desk ticket.

Office of Multilingual and Multicultural Education summer programming: OMME (Rachel Chen

Extended School Year (ESY) registration: Office of Special Education and Student Support (Alicia Scott and Zachary Houston

Technical Aspen issues: check the Summer School help guides, call the BPS Technology Help Desk at 617-635-9200, or enter a Help Desk ticket.

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How to Register a Student to a Summer Credit Recovery Program