How to Create Summer School ESY Classes and Add Students and Teachers For Attendance Input

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If an ESY Site Coordinator does not have access to their Summer School, please contact your general Summer School Site Coordinator or Charles Cauley to add her/him to the summer school. Once added to the school, ESY Site Coordinators can add the ESY teachers to the summer school staff list.

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ESY Site Coordinators can create classes in the master schedule of their Summer Schools and assign teachers and students to those classes. This allows teachers to take attendance.

ESY Site Coordinators can take the following steps to add classes, students and teachers to their Summer School Master Schedule:

1. Verify that the course(s) that you want to create sections for ESY students are listed in your Summer school Course Catalog (Click Schedule top tab > Courses side-tab). If they are not listed, they should be added with the following guide.

How to Add Courses to Your Summer School Course Catalog

2. Create class sections for those courses on the Master schedule, assign them to teachers, add a schedule, and add students to their rosters.

a) Create Course Sections in the Master Schedule

How to Create a New Course Section

How to Add a Co-teacher to a Course Section

b) Add teachers and students to the classes in the Master Schedule

How to to add a teacher to a class (step 8-12)

How to add students to a class roster (step 13-20)

3. Assign a schedule to the classes

(e.g. Day 1, Period 1)

How to Add a Schedule to a Summer Class to Allow Attendance Input

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How to Add a Schedule to a Summer Class to Allow Attendance Input

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