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How to get started with Learning Ally

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Learning Ally is an online tool that provides access to a library of audiobooks for students who need this support with reading.

How can I learn more about the tool? 

How can students at my school access the tool? 

Learning Ally is available under the ELA/Literacy category in Clever for all BPS schools who have a Qualifier in Learning Ally. Qualifiers are uploaded on a rolling basis - they must complete a training (online via BPSLearns or face-to-face) and express an interest in being a Qualifier by filling out a Google form at the end of the training.

As of 10/2019: Users who see the app in their portal should locate their school's Qualifier to partner with them to add students and increase outreach. If a user does not see the app, they should: (a) take the online training to become a Qualifier OR (b) identify a person at their school who will take the training to become a Qualifier.  

What roles are there in Learning Ally?

Learning Ally Role

Master Admin (district level)

Qualifier (school level)

Instructor (school level)


Hilary Shea (BPS)

Jennifer Dougherty (Learning Ally)

At least one person at your school must be identified for this role

General education and SPED teachers at your school


Manage access workflow

Communicate about trainings

Provide access to LA to Qualifiers

Confirm student eligibility

All functions of the Instructor

Add students

Assign books

Play audiobooks

Edit students

Update students

Archive students

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

  • Jennifer Dougherty, Learning Ally Implementation Manager (
  • Hilary Shea, BPS Learning Ally Project Manager (

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