How to Run Report to Check MCAS Status

Graduation Progress Report

The Graduation Progress Report can be used to check and track the MCAS status of students.

From the School View in Aspen (

  1. Navigate to Student top tab
  2. Click the Reports Menu
  3. Click the Graduation Progress Menu Group
  4. Select the Graduation Progress report

A popup window will open. Enter/select the report parameters

  1. Program of Studies: select MCAS Requirements
  2. Requirement: leave empty to run all three MCAS Requirements or you may select a specific MCAS subject
  3. Students to include: to run for a specific YOG, select YOG. You may also select All or current selection
  4. Search value: if you selected YOG, enter in the YOG
  5. Only show students with: select Less than
  6. ...percent complete: enter in 100 (show students that are less than 100% complete)
  7. Active students only: checked by default to only include students with Active Enrollment Status. Uncheck to include inactive students
  8. Sort students by: defaults to Name. May instead choose YOG
  9. Create Snapshot: check this box if you would like to create a snapshot of the students after the report is run
  10. Snapshot name: if creating a Snapshot, enter in Snapshot name
  11. Owner: defaults to User. Depending upon your access, you may be able to share the Snapshot with others.
  12. Create History: check this box (uncommon) to Create Graduation History records
  13. Format: defaults to Adobe Acrobat. Change if you want the report to run in another format
  14. Run: click Run to run the report

Report Results

The report will show students with less than 100% completion of the MCAS requrements

This report may also be run to show all students and their MCAS status by selecting Less than 101%
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