How to create or re-enable a Sponsored Account

Any staff with access to Peoplesoft HCM or Financials can create a sponsored account (formerly called "x accounts") for an intern, contractor, or other volunteer using the instructions below.
This process is followed for both new sponsored accounts and for reactivating or extending an account for an existing sponsored account. If you need to extend or re-enable a sponsored account, step 2 is where you will search through existing accounts to select the right person.

Before you start

Make sure that you have the necessary information to create the account:

  • Full legal name of the person you are making the account for
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal email address
  • Company or organization that they work for
  • Previous BPS account (if the person had a BPS account at one time)

Creating the Account

The following steps should be completed by the sponsor, which is usually your school's secretary or timekeeper.

  1. Log into the Access Boston Portal
  2. Under FORMS/LINKS, click Create Sponsored Account.
  1. Search for the person to make sure that they do not already exist in the system. (Please reveiw each option, to avoid duplicate accounts). If you do not find their name, check the "I did a search" and click "Next"
  1. Enter the the relevant information into the form. Using appropriate Caps and Punctuation.
  2. If the person needs an email address, check the box next to "Does the person need a Boston email address?" If they have had previous accounts, DO NOT create a new email address. Please email for assistance
  3. Choose a start and end date. The end date must be within 1 year but we highly recommend setting the date to June 30th of the current school year. If you submit a later start date, the account will be created on the date you entered.
  4. Click next and finish this process.

Approving the Account

  1. Once the account is created, your manager/supervisor will receive an email to approve the account. It might help to follow up with this person to make sure they approve the account. The manager can find this approval under Manager Tools ---> My Access Boston Approvals
  2. Once the account is approved, the intern/contractor will receive an email to the personal email address you entered with instructions to login.
  3. The system will send out 2 emails to the intern/consultant's personal email address on file. The Sponsor will be cc:d on the first email that contains a detailed attachment of the steps to follow to register the account. The second email contains a temporary password that expires within 5 days.

Accessing Student Information

While you can create an account for anyone, the user must have a non-disclosure agreement on file before they can access student information. Please complete this  Non-Disclosure Agreement Form (NDA). Once approved by ODA and sent to BPS Technology the partner/consultant will have access to the Student Information System and linked applications.

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