ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Display Guidance

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The ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Display is a great tool for modern classrooms! Its BPS approval and support are important for ensuring compatibility, reliability, and data security in educational settings. The 4K interactive touchscreens and collaborative features make it easy for multiple users to engage in content creation, editing, and brainstorming together. 


How can I order an interactive display?
Visit the BPSTechnology Purchasing Menu for display options, pricing, and to access the Technology Purchasing Request (Form 40).  
Which size would be best for my classroom size?
Small Classrooms: 55” Display
Medium Classrooms: 65” Display
Large Classrooms: 75” Display
What's included in the bundle?
Interactive Display
Mobile Stand
Wireless Adapter
Remote Control
2 Touch Pens
3-Year Warranty*
5-Year Advanced Manager License**
Ethernet Cable
Delivery, Assemply, & Setup
*Important Info About The 3-Year Warranty
ViewBoards come with a 3-year limited warranty on parts, labor and backlight. Physical/Accidental damage is not covered. See “How do I get my interactive board repaired?” for more information.
**Important Info About The Advance Manager License
The 5-Year Advanced Manager License enables BPS to provision the display with appropriate security, network, and device settings as well as provide BPS the capability to remotely adjust settings and provide support, install OS and firmware updates, and obtain advanced metrics of our organization's usage in order to enhance end-user experience.
What if I want to wall-mount my display?
We do not recommend wall-mounting technology for several reasons:

(1) Wall-mounting technology is an extra and costly service that OIIT technicians do not handle.

(2) Environmental challenges like asbestos in older buildings or concrete walls can hinder mounting options, with power availability also being a concern.

(3) Facilities Management must conduct on-site evaluations for wall-mounting, ensuring alignment with long-term plans, compliance with safety and fire codes, structural feasibility, and electrical needs (costing $1,000+).

(4) Due to liability, contracted insured professionals must perform this work. 

(5) Consider future transitions as well, as moving or remounting boards will incur additional school costs.

To proceed with wall-mounting options, contact us at Our partner vendor will conduct an on-site evaluation to assess feasibility, required items/services, and costs. Schools must ensure installation approval, proximity of electrical outlets, and safe board placement. 
What can I do with my interactive board?
There are three main apps we recommend using:

vCast: Users can cast a screen to or receive a screen from a ViewBoard. If casting from a Windows or Mac device, touchback is supported. Click here to visit the ViewSonic Viewboard: vCast video tutorial.

Whiteboard: A visual teaching tool for preparation, presentation and participation in the classroom and beyond. Click here to visit the ViewSonic Viewboard: Whiteboard Overview video tutorial. ***BPS does not currently allow Google integration/sign-in due to security concerns.

Display: Allows users to mirror/cast their computer wirelessly.  Click here to visit the ViewSonic Viewboard: Using myViewBoard Display video tutorial.
***Important Info About Signing Into The Display
Avoid signing into the ViewBoard with your credentials (username & password). For safer usage, please cast your device to the board instead.
Where can I learn more?
How do I get my interactive board repaired?
ViewBoards come with a 3-year limited warranty on parts, labor and backlight. Physical/Accidental damage is not covered under the warranty and cannot be fixed. Click here to visit the e-Waste/IT Recycling Guidance to learn more about recycling displays.

(1) Call the OIIT Service Desk (SD) at (617) 635-9200.
(2) OIIT SD will guide the caller through basic troubleshooting (power on/off, network connectivity).
(3) If not resolved, OIIT SD will initiate a service request by opening a Kace ticket.
(4) An OIIT technician will visit the location to troubleshoot. If it is determined that the item is eligible for repair/exchange through the warranty, OIIT technicians will initiate the process.
(5) A replacement board will be delivered in exchange for the broken board (1:1 exchange).

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