How to use the Google Classroom Gradebook Sync to Aspen


1. Welcome to the tutorial on how to sync your Google Classroom gradebook to Aspen! We recommend watching this tutorial before using this option within Google Classroom so you know how the sync works and how to troubleshoot any errors.

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2. This is an interactive tutorial so any time you see a pink square, that indicates where you need to click on the screen. Try it now by clicking the box in the middle.

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3. To start, we recommend using the classes that are automatically created from Aspen. These classes will appear the day after your school's schedule is available in Aspen and you can click Accept or Decline if you prefer to make your own.

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4. At the top of your Google Classroom, you will see a new banner that invites you to link your class to Aspen's gradebook. You can also dismiss this if you do not want to sync your gradebook.

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5. In the pop-up, select the class from Aspen that you want to link.

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6. Now click Link

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7. While you are viewing the settings, we recommend setting up your grading periods.

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8. You can also apply these grading periods to other Google Classrooms to save you time.

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9. You can also set your overall grade calculation to Total Points or Weighted Categories if you want.

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10. Finally, you'll want to set the Grade categories at the bottom. After you do this, I recommend leaving this tab open for the next step.

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11. In another tab, I've opened my Aspen Gradebook and navigated to the Categories tab. You'll want to create the same categories that you just made in Google Classroom and set a default grading scale. It's important that the names match Google Classroom

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12. For the purposes of this demo, I'm intentionally forgetting my Projects category to show you what will happen.

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13. That's all you need for setup and you're ready to start the year.

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14. Now when you're ready to grade an assignment, you'll go to the Grades tab of Google Classroom.

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15. I've created four assignments with grades in different categories. I'm now going to enter grades normally for each assignment.

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16. Once I'm done entering grades, I'm going to click the three dots at the top of the assignment to return the work to students and make the grades live.

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17. Click Return all

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18. Now I'm going to click the new button in the upper right that says Export to SIS

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19. The pop-up will allow me to sync some or all assignments. This will automatically include any assignment that has changes since your last sync.

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20. Click Export to SIS

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21. A message will display in the upper right and you can navigate away from this page while it syncs.

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22. You can always click the down arrow next to the export button to view the results of the last sync. At the end of this tutorial, we'll cover some error messages you might see.

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23. When I go back to my Aspen Gradebook, I'll see my assignments and scores in the gradebook. By default, the scores are public to match the Google Classroom gradebook.

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24. At the beginning of this demo, I intentionally forgot my Projects category. When this happens, the sync will create a category called OneRosterDefault but you can click on this and change the name to match your Google Classroom category.

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25. And don't forget to set your grading scale.

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26. Now when I run the Google Classroom export again, it will correctly match my Projects category.

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27. And now you can see that everything matches.

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28. Now let's talk about the Last Export Details in case you receive an error message.

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29. Here are some common errors that might prevent your Google Classroom gradebook from syncing to Aspen. First, your assignments in Google Classroom must have a post date within your grading term.

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30. Second, the due date must also be within the grading term.

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31. Third, the due date has to be after the post date. In other words, you can't have an assignment that is due before it is posted.

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32. Fourth, the assignment name in Google Classroom has to be unique and can't be too long. Dates are a great way to keep the assignment names unique.

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33. Finally, grades must be returned in Google Classroom. Draft assignments will not sync to Aspen.

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34. You can also click the link at the bottom of this screen to view the Google Support Article to learn more or troubleshoot error messages.

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** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

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