How to Enter Student Homerooms After the End-of-Year Rollover

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Now that we are in the new school year, homeroom changes must be done directly to the Homeroom field (not in the Next Year Homeroom field).

The Homeroom field can be edited in two places:

  1. School view > Student top tab

  2. Build view >  Scenario > Student top tab

The data will be the same in both places no matter where you change it.

A. Using the School view



Use the Modify List option to edit the Homeroom field

In the Options menu, select Modify List to make the Homeroom editable


Click the pencil icon at the top of the Homeroom field


Enter homerooms for next year and save

B. Using the Build view



Click the Scenario tab

If you don’t have a scenario, you may find it easier to use the instructions for the School view at the start of this document.


Choose the current active Scenario


Click the Student tab

In the Options menu, click Refresh to get an updated student list


In the Options menu, select Modify List

You should now see a pencil icon at the top of the Homeroom field.


In the Homeroom field, click the pencil icon and start entering homerooms for next year

Once you are done entering the homerooms on the current page, click the green check mark to save the changes before you move to the next page. 

Switching to the next page without clicking the green check mark will cause you to lose the data you entered on that page

Please note: Be sure that you are making changes to the Homeroom column and not to the Next Year Homeroom column. 

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