How to use the Safe Mode Templates in SchoolMessenger

1. The first step is to subscribe to the Safe Mode templates, which only needs to be done once. Start by clicking the Broadcast tab.

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2. Click Messages

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3. Click Subscribe in the upper right corner.

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4. There are two messages that you can subscribe to for safe mode - one when safe mode has started and one when it is cleared.

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5. Click Subscribe for each message.

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6. Click Dashboard to send a message.

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7. Click New Broadcast.

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8. Type a Subject for your message.

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9. Change the Message Type

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10. Click School Hours Emergency. This will cause the message to be sent faster and include an emergency intro.

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11. Add your recipients normally.

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12. Click Continue

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13. To use the templates, click Load Saved Message

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14. You will now see the two messages you are subscribed to. Check off the appropriate message.

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15. and click Load Selected Message.

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16. After a few seconds, the template will be loaded and you can edit the messages or just click continue to send right away. If you would like to edit the message, click SMS.

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17. The messages include a placeholder for your school name and SchoolMessenger will automatically insert the school name when it is sent out.

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18. if you make any changes, just make sure to uncheck Translate and check it again so the new message is re-translated.

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19. Scroll down and click Save

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20. Now click Email if you want to adjust the email message.

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21. You can adjust the from email address & subject before modifying the body of the email. The email contains a placeholder for your school name so that it will automatically be included in the header and email signature.

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22. After you have made changes, make sure to click Translate at the bottom.

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23. Scroll down and click Save

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24. Click Continue when you are ready to send. The next screen is the confirmation and you can immediately send the message.

This concludes this tutorial.

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