How to Assign Locker Numbers to One or More Students

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A. Assigning a Locker ID to an Individual Student

1. To assign a locker to an individual student, in School View and click School

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2. Go to the Locker side-tab and click Options

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3. Click Add

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4. Enter the locker information and save.

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5. Then go to the Student-tab and click on the student that you want to assign a locker.

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6. Click on the magnifying glass to choose the Locker number. Click Save.

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B. Assigning Locker IDs to a group Students

B. Before using the import below you should first import the school locker numbers/IDs into Aspen with the following guide How to Import Locker Number and Lock Combinations.

7. To assign locker IDs to a group of students at one, click Student

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8. Click Options

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9. Click Student Locker Import

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10. Choose the file to import

File criteria: CSV file with 2 columns: Student IDs (Column A) ; Locker IDs (Column B).

Note: the numbers below were made up for the purpose of this doc.

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11. Click Run. The school locker IDs will be assigned to students.

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