How to Block Youtube on your Child's Chromebook

Mark Racine Updated by Mark Racine

The following instructions will walk you through the steps to install a Youtube block on your child's Chromebook:

  1. On your child's Chromebook (while logged into their account) click the link below OR search for "Youtube Blocker Chrome Extension" in Google. There are multiple tools that accomplish this but this article will cover the one shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Click "Add to Chrome" and install the program.
  2. Click the extension in the top right of the browser and then click "Settings"
  3. Set a password in the extension so that you (the parent) can control the settings.
  4. You can choose to add time limits and you can turn the settings on or off by clicking the shield icon.
  5. Test it out by visiting and clicking on any video. The video will play for 1-2 seconds and then a block page will appear. If it does not block the video, you may need to click the shield icon in the settings to change it from red to green (like in the screenshot below).

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