How to Import MEPIDs

How to Import MEPIDs

The MEPID (Massachusetts Education Personnel ID) is a unique identifier assigned to all educators and to school district staff in Massachusetts. MEPIDs were developed as part of the Education Personnel Information Management System (EPIMS) and enable the collection of educator and staff data at the individual level from school districts to the Department.

A MEPID will be assigned to anyone who creates a profile in ELAR. Once an applicant creates a profile, their MEPID can be found in the Personal Information section on the Inquiry Activity – Summary page in ELAR.

MEPIDs are needed for SIF EPIMs (Education Personnel Information Management System) reporting. Typically, at least two times a year, MEPIDs will be download from the state site and then imported into Aspen, matching on the staff local id.

To import MEPIDs

  1. Log on to the District view in Aspen (
  2. Click on the Tools top tab
  3. Click on the Imports side tab
  4. Click into the EPIMS - MEPID import
There is a District filter for EPIMS imports
  1. Click Options
  2. Click Run
  3. In the popup window, click the Browse button to navigate to the import file
  4. Click Run

When the import completes you will see a popup message with the number of records matched, records updated, and records skipped

How do I know if the import worked?

As noted above, when the imports completes you will see a popup message with the number of records matched, updated and skipped. You should also manually verify at least a few Staff records by checking the imported MEPID from the Staff top tab>Details.

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