How to access BPSLearns in D2L Brightspace

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What is BPSLearns? Who has access?

BPSLearns, hosted on D2L Brightspace, is the Boston Public Schools' learning management system (LMS) for adult professional learning. BPS staff can look for online and hybrid courses here that are facilitated by BPS staff and partner organizations.

BPS staff with a BPS email who are enrolled in a course in BPSLearns will have access.

BPS sponsored emails (IDs with a 4000 number) and non-BPS emails must be enrolled in an approved BPS course and provided with credentials by a BPSLearns Site Administrator or course instructor.

How do I access BPSLearns?

BPS Emails: If you have a BPS Gmail account, Sign in with Google.

Please note: Your name in Gmail must match your name as listed in Aspen (first name, last name). If it does not, please change it in Gmail to match what is listed in Aspen.

Non-BPS Emails: Login with the personal (non-BPS) email that you provided your course instructor or BPSLearns administrator. When logging in for the first time, click Forgot Password to reset it. In addition, if you forget your password, select to Reset Password.

BPSLearns can be accessed in four different ways:

Go to Clever: Look for the BPSLearns icon under District PageStaff Links.

Google Apps Launcher
Go to the waffle icon in the top right corner in Gmail and click on it. Scroll down to locate BPSLearns.
Direct Link
Go to in your browser on your computer or phone.
Brightspace Pulse App
Install the app from the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Search for BPSLearns and sign in to see your coursework.

What devices is it compatible with?

BPSLearns' hosting provider, D2L Brightspace, works on laptops, desktops, iOS devices, and Android devices. 

For the best course experience, we recommend that you use the Chrome web browser on your computer. Please make sure that you are keeping your Chrome browser up to date . If you encounter issues with loading content, you might try signing out of Google and clearing your browsing history and cookies. 

Finding Your Courses

  1. Once you have logged in, there are two ways to find courses: (1) click on the waffle icon in the top right corner and select from the dropdown or (2) locate them from the center left of your screen under the My Courses header.
  1. Click on the course name to open the course.

BPSLearns Tutorials

How to adjust Notifications 

How to submit Assignments  

How to edit and export assignments using Google Docs/Drive

How to post to Discussion Forums   

How to take a Quiz  

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take a course in the platform but am not sure what is being offered.
Keep checking back for more courses as they get developed! Course listings will be posted in Vector for courses that require instructor approval. Courses that do not require instructor approval will be available in the platform under the Discover tab for anyone to take.
I'm interested in developing a course in this platform. What are my next steps?
Please email Rhianon Gutierrez, Director of Digital Learning, for more information.
I've never designed a course in an LMS before. Is my course a good fit?
Please email Rhianon Gutierrez, Director of Digital Learning, for more information.
How long does it take to develop a course?
It depends on the content of the course and the launch timeline of the course creator. Most courses will take 3-4 weeks to launch depending on the status of the content and the availability of instructional designers. All potential courses will first be built by course developers using our course builder template and then brought over into Brightspace by our instructional designers.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Login Support: Call the BPS Service Desk at 617-635-9200

Course Development and Instructional Design: Rhianon Gutierrez, Director of Digital Learning and K.C. Kourtz, Digital Learning Specialist

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