One2One Collection and Deployment Process

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All bulk uploads on One2One require a CSV with specific naming conventions prior to uploading.
Collected Devices: Keep the Same Assignment

Video Tutorial: Collect Device in One2One Manager: Keep Student Assignment

Video Tutorial: Bulk Collect Device in One2One Manager: Keep Student Assignment

Use this feature if you are collecting devices and plan to return them to the SAME owner in the fall.
  1. Open One2One Manager.
  2. Click on the Admin Tab.
  3. Click on Collect Devices.
  4. Enter an Asset Tag.
    1. If you have a barcode scanner, select the box that is labeled "Auto submit with barcode scan".
    2. For bulk uploading type in title Asset Tag and type in Asset Tags into 1 CSV and then Upload.
  5. Click Collect.
Collected Devices: Transfer to “Collections Group”

Video Tutorial: Bulk Upload and Create Collected Group: For Future Reassignment

Use this feature if you plan to reassign all devices to different groups or students in the fall.
  1. Create a spreadsheet with the asset tags you want to upload to a "Collections Group."
    Spreadsheet with correct headers for upload
Naming conventions for your spreadsheet row 1 must look like the image above or the upload will not work.

Naming Conventions:

  • Column A: Asset Tag (6 digit number)
  • Column B: Identifier (Group Name:Your School Collection 2023)
  • Column C: Building Name (Must match O2O naming Convention)
  1. Download your spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  2. Log into One2One Manager.
  3. Go to "Assign."
  4. Choose "New Group Assignment"
  5. Choose "Bulk Upload."
  6. Click Transfer Device.
  7. Click "Group" in Assignment Type.
  8. Browse for the CSV file you saved and click "Upload"
  9. If you see a "FAIL" message. That just means the group you created does NOT exist yet. If you want to create that group you can.
    1. Click "Details"
    2. Click "Auto-Create and Assign to Owners"
    3. Your group has now been created and all of the asset tags from your CSV are in that list.
Deploying Devices (Fall): Keep the Same Assignment
  1. Open One2One Manager.
  2. Click on the Admin Tab.
  3. Click on Disbursement Devices.
Choose BULK upload to upload a CSV with all of the asset tags you want to disperse. You may also enter each device in one by one.
  1. To enter each device individually, type the asset tag in the manual dispersal.
  2. Click Disperse

Deploying Devices (Fall): Transfer Devices to a Student or a Group

Video Tutorial: Bulk Upload Assignments to Students or Groups

Use this feature to update One2One with all new assignments for the school year.
  1. Create a Spreadsheet using the proper naming conventions as shown below.
Use separate CSVs for student assignments or group assignments.
  1. Download your spreadsheet to a CSV.
  2. Open One2One Manager.
  3. Click on Assign.
  4. Choose "New Group Assignment" or "New Student Assignment."
  5. Choose Bulk Assignment.
  6. Choose assignment type.
  7. Browse for your CSV and choose it in your finder.
  8. Click Upload.
If you get an error message that says "Group Does Not Exist" you may choose to create the group anyway.
Make sure to check your warnings. If there are devices with an incident on them (Lost or Needs Repair) you may need to adress those incidents before uploading them.

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