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School Messenger now has a feature where a PDF can be uploaded to broadcast documents to the families of those students via an email and link to the PDF that pertains to them. Boston Public Schools will begin utilizing this technology in SY 19-20. Schools can send the notices out directly or request the task be handled by the District Registrar.

Here are some pre-steps to take:

Update parent's email contact information

Run the Grade Post Verification Report

Run Report Cards

If you need to extend the grading window to allow teacher to enter grades: How to Re-Open Grading Window


Important: This will only send the first page of the student's report card. Students 1-12 grades should not have multiple pages, the report cards need to reviewed prior to uploading, as it should be only be one page for each student.

  1. Uploading Report Card PDF to School Messenger
  2. Sending a Report Card broadcast in School Messenger


Here are test files you can use with the instructions:

Gr 1-5 Report Card test.pdf

Gr 6-8 Report Card test.pdf

Progress Report test.pdf


  1. What email address will be used? How do we update them?

Parent & Guardian contact email addresses currently on file will receive the Student contact information update forms, which should be completed at the start of the school year. School leaders have the ability to update parent contact emails if they are outdated.

Student top tab > (pick a student) > Contacts > (pick contact) > modify email.

  1. How can you tell if a parent has received the Report Card email?

Once a broadcast is sent, there is a record of all emails sent in the broadcast. 

Broadcast > SSD > (pick a sent Broadcast) > Download CSV (Status column)

  1. How can we tell if the parent has opened the email?

Once a broadcast is sent, there is a field that shows what status the email is in.  

Broadcast > SSD > (pick a sent Broadcast) > Download CSV (Activity column)

  1. Will there be a message to accompany the report card? If so, can schools edit the message?

Yes, a message by the school can be made, otherwise it will default to:

  1. What kind of report card PDF can be sent through School Messenger?

1-12 report cards and progress reports. Kindergarten report cards are not currently available for schools to send on their own yet, but can be sent out centrally.

  1. Can schools manage report cards via School Messenger?

Yes, schools can upload and send a broadcast.

  1. Will parents be able to respond to this email or will it be sent with a "Do Not Reply" email?

It is recommended to use the RC school's email. When sending out the broadcast there is a FROM email field that can be a "Do Not Reply" email or group/staff email. 

If you have concerns or do not wish to participate, please email .

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