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What are Google Classroom Practice Sets?

Introducing Practice Sets in Google Classroom (June 2023):

Recommendations for use

Use Practice Sets for formative assessments:
  • Do Nows
  • Exit Tickets
  • Check-Ins
  • MCAS prep
    • Use the Import feature to upload a PDF of released questions from the MCAS paper-based tests.
    • Or take a screenshot of any type of image/question/content (command + shift + 4 to save it as a JPEG image to your desktop), then double-click to open the JPEG in Preview, go to File -> Export to PDF. Then use Practice Set's Import feature to upload the PDF.
Use Practice Sets to differentiate learning by:
  • Using it as an activity within a Station Rotation.
  • Supporting a Flipped Classroom model: The teacher creates and assigns a Practice Set for students to complete at home as background knowledge. Teacher uses insight (formative) from Practice Sets data to design activities in class to further learning.

Limitations of Practice Sets

At this time (June 2023), text and imported PDF questions are not accessible to all learners. For example, text-to-speech programs would not recognize the text in the PDF and use alternative text for images.

How do I create a Practice Set?

Please watch the BPSTech's Digital Learning Team Fall 2023 webinar recording of Practice Sets in Google Classroom (19 min) and the corresponding webinar slide deck and webinar demo Practice Set ("make a copy" and "try as a student").

Or visit Practice Sets, an interactive self-paced course from Google. You will learn how to create a practice set, assign it to your students in Classroom, and analyze student performance to inform further instruction.

Additional Resources

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