How to Post Remote Learning K0-K2 Grades Updated by

1 Click the Grades icon under My Classes on the Aspen homepage.

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2 If an option, make sure the view is set to Traditional (not all sections will have the option)

3 Enter the rating for each student

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4 If you need help with the ratings hold down Ctrl+Land the ratings will pop up. Choose the rating you want and click OK.

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5 Click the Paper and Pencil icon to add a comment.

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6 A comment area will appear. Either type your comment in or Click the arrow in the top right hand corner to Open comment bank.

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7 Under the General Dropdown Select the subject for your comment

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8 Select the appropriate comment.

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9 Click Save

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10 When you are done entering Ratings and comments for all your students Click Post Grades...

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11 Make sure the correct Term and Grades to Post are selected. Click Ok. 

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How to Post K0-K2 Grades in Aspen

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